Should I learn to code if I want to be a tech entrepreneur?

A nice post which addresses an important point in the journey to be a tech entrepreneur.

Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates said if he were to enter college now, he’d major in artificial intelligence, energy, or biosciences.

Bill Gates


One of the Best Shark Tank Deals

We enjoy Shark Tank a lot and that is the best Family show !

It is an interesting story of how 2 college folks got together and executed so well on their idea.





Google hires a 18 year-old who bought its software

An 18 year-old developed a software called as Envoy – a visitor-registration software.


What did Billion Dollar Companies Look Like at the Series A?

Ok. Now you may be wondering what is Series A ? And if there is a Series B or a Series C.

Well, that is a for a different post. For now, read on this link on how some Companies that we know as great companies looked like prior to them becoming great companies.

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