One of the Best Shark Tank Deals

We enjoy Shark Tank a lot and that is the best Family show !

It is an interesting story of how 2 college folks got together and executed so well on their idea.






How a 23-year-old is taking on the big Airlines


America’s first certified Organic Fast Food chain

A Simple menu is all that takes to create a good experience for the customer.A_former_Costco_executive_is-b9dbb476a28fd21c99e734ca89e79646.png

Jet, A newcomer plans to take on Amazon !

Interesting company – They are like Costco in the sense that they charge a yearly subscription but the similarities end there.


“How do you get people to like you?” – See what Warren Buffett had to say to a 7th grader.

1. Be generous
2. Mimicking others
3. Praise others
4. Stay humble
5. Be curious

Bonus: Smile

How a small company from India is able to compete with Salesforce ?